NESCO - New England Syrup Co. develops and produces an extensive range of flavors, colors and specialized ingredients for a wide variety of retail, industrial and food service applications. We have extensive experience with the aesthetics of food:  appearance, aroma, taste and mouth feel to help you create outstanding products that will bring customers in and keep them coming back.


NESCO Products Lines include: New England Syrup Co., Artisan Baker Products, RAVE COLORS, Squiggles Drizzles,  Sauté Magic and Gourmet Caravan.


NESCO also provides expert Product Development, Custom Formulations and Production.


What's New!!


RAVE FLAVOR CONCENTRATES - For Frozen Yogurt  and Soft Serve Ice Cream CLICK HERE


 Squiggle Drizzles - Ready to Use Savory Garnishes





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